Video bulletins are a common feature in contemporary churches. Production directors often combine scenes of the church facilities and worship services with commentaries from the pastor or staff members to create promotional segments. But, as drones become increasingly affordable and popular for audiovisual productions, capturing a bird-eye perspective of a church campus can add an exciting new element to video messages.

At one point, the steeple of a church was the highest point within a town. Although many churches are now surrounded by office buildings, hotels, and other multi-story properties that surpass them in height, they can still appear quite majestic when filmed from high above. Rising shots from steps to steeple, pans across the campus landscaping, and 360 panoramas from high above the church building are emotionally captivating elements that add texture and excitement to traditional message reels.

Rather than invest in an expensive set-up for a UAV with a gimbal mounted camera, churches generally choose to hire a professional aerial videographer to capture several minutes of sky-high footage and still photographs. A seasoned industry pro not only can map out the angles and shots that are most compelling for the project, but also will be knowledgeable about FAA regulations, weather conditions, line-of-sight hazards, and other important considerations related to flying a radio-controlled drone.

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