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Recently, we were asked to create an aerial video of the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery to be shown to a group of elderly veterans as part of a special patriotic virtual tour via Google Hangout, sponsored by Veterans United. The resulting footage evokes feelings of deep patriotism and solemnity as the quadcopter-mounted camera ascends over the burial grounds, displaying the vast number of men and women who have so honorably served our country. The sky view presents the cemetery beneath a proud American flag, representing the immense sacrifice given for our nation’s freedoms, and the bond shared by all those buried in The Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.

Nearly 1.5 million U.S. military veterans live in Texas, with more than one third residing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Texas National Cemetery foundation aims to provide amenities for veterans’ memorials and family healing. In May 2000, the foundation dedicated The Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery to honor local veterans throughout the year.

Overlooking the peaceful Mountain Creek Lake and set among rolling hills in southwest Dallas, the 638-acre national cemetery provides a sanctuary to fallen soldiers and a place of reflection for those left behind. Currently, nearly 16,000 grave sites, lawn crypts, and garden niches occupy the acreage. Once the land is fully developed, 280,000 eligible veterans and dependents will be laid to rest with national honor and local sentiment.

Aerial Footage
The use of aerial videography shows the extent of the cemetery honoring local heroes and their loved ones. The fly-over footage, set to the Army hymn “God of Our Fathers,” captures a unique blend of national pride and hometown intimacy. The video shows viewers a sweeping panorama of the cemetery grounds, intercut with close shots of headstones and names to remind them that soldiers who died — whether in battle or later in life — are not faceless or without a story. The unique dual perspective evokes both a personal understanding and a broader view of the cemetery. The video gives viewers a deeper appreciation for veteran’s valor and sacrifice given to defend our country and the values for which we stand.

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