Training & Support Video Production

Training videos offer a number of advantages over other training methods.  When most people think of training tools, the tend to think of the manuals and long booklets that used to be the conventional methods for teaching employees and imparting information. There is no reason why training needs to be connected with dull booklets and manuals, however. A training video production is a much more effective way of teaching employees and, it is likely, that this will become the dominant training mode in the future. A training video can effectively impart essential information to your employees. Viewers find video considerably more engaging than any other media and, for this reason, they tend to better retain the information they have learned. Another advantage offered by a training video production is that they can be made available to employees who cannot attend live training sessions. In addition, since you can deliver training videos to your employees remotely, your company will be able to reduce its travel expenses; this is not a minor benefit. Cost-effective and versatile, training videos are a vital part of any corporation’s communications strategy.

GlobalVideoHQ understood early that training video production would become an emerging and important field. And we also understand how important it is that your training videos are of the highest quality. We have extensive experience creating distinctive and memorable training videos for a variety of corporate clients. Our experience and our demonstrated versatility make us uniquely able to produce training videos.

Read below for more information about the specific video production services we provide.

Corporate Training Videos

For large corporations, the greatest advantage training videos offer is that they can be watched remotely. GlobalVideoHQ’s Web division is unparalleled at creating training videos suitable for online viewing. In addition, they can create tests and quizzes to measure how well your employees absorbed the information contained within a video. These systems can reduce costs and effectively deliver information to your employees.

Customer Support Videos

If you want to give your customers information about a product or service you provide, we know how to design customer support videos that are both informational and understandable.  You can enhance your customers’ satisfaction with your products by providing them with helpful customer support videos.


Product Training Videos

While you may think your product is easy to understand and use, it is essential that you offer your customers clear and concise training videos. By making your products easier to use, product training videos can increase your customer’s satisfaction with your products. They can even make your customers less likely to return your products. Well-designed and informational product training videos can complement any product.


Product Support Videos

Creating product support videos, in addition to product training videos, is a cost-effective way to create satisfied, knowledgeable customers.  In addition, since they reduce the need for technicians and customer support agents, product support videos can deliver considerable cost savings.


Quality Video Production

At GlobalVideoHQ,  our creative writers, producers, directors, editors and videographers know how to craft training videos that are informational as well as entertaining.

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