Featured Projects

In addition to aerial photography and videography, we specialize in traditional video production services. Our fast-growing base of satisfied clients testifies to our success at providing clients with exceptional customer service and the highest quality video production in Dallas and throughout North Texas. The following videos showcase our range of capabilities, and highlight the talents and expertise of our team.


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Broadcast live online, this weekly half-hour show for HirePresence.com was shot entirely on a virtual set. The desk, the logo, the background…none of it is real. The host and guest were seated in front of our green screen wall, and footage was recorded and streamed with a live key using the Tricaster live production system. We created the intro graphics package and lower-third graphics, as well.

This music video from the owner of GlobalVideoHQ and the Christian artist Craig Thompson highlights our firm’s heart and creative vision. From storyboarding to shooting and post-production, everything for this music video was managed in-house and within the strictest of budgets.


GlobalVideoHQ has created videos for everyone from musical artists to political campaigns. Regardless of the intended audience or the video’s aim, we have the expertise to bring it to the public and maximize its effectiveness. We created this video for Bill Lawrence, the former Mayor of Highland Village, TX and a decorated veteran of the U.S. Air Force. The video highlights Lawrence’s vision for Texas and asks voters to support him in his 2012 campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives.


This video demonstrates that GlobalVideoHQ is capable of creating the kind of hard-hitting visual narratives that motivate viewers to take an action.  Making ads for a political campaign doesn’t differ from creating any other kind of advertisement. We can apply the techniques used in this video to any video project that we produce for you. Regardless of whether you are looking to sway voters or interest them in your products and services, we have the expertise to help you do it.

See for yourself why GlobalVideoHQ has become one of the most respected Dallas video production companies.  Whether you want to create a newscast, an instructional video, a client testimonial segment, or a political ad, we have the experience and the expertise to tell your story! Give us a call at (972) 318-2811, to discuss your creative vision and let us tell you about the resources we have to bring your vision to life!