As one of the original drone service providers in Texas, Global Video has flown several natural disasters and weather events. From capturing the wreckage after a tornado for local TV news outlets to documenting extensive flood damage for municipalities in the DFW Metroplex, we know just how awe inspiring–and even terrifying–the power of nature can be. But nothing we’ve seen through the years compares to the breathtaking footage of the Icelandic volcano eruption shot by drone pilot Bjorn Steinbekk.

Soaring straight over the molten lava flows, Steinbekk takes viewers on a white-knuckle flight with awe-inspiring views. He captured footage both in the daytime and at night, somehow managing to keep his new DJI FPV drone from melting mid-flight.

The volcano, called Fagradalsfjall, is located about 25 miles west of Iceland’s capital Reykjavik and has not erupted in 800 years. Although the aerial video of lava spewing out of the crater before making its way down the massive hill is nothing short of captivating, the eruption itself is considered relatively minor. In fact, several dozen intrepid hikers gathered at the foot of the volcano to watch the event and admire the power of nature in all its splendor. All we can say is, hat’s off to Steinbekk for taking viewers around the globe on one heck of a thrill ride!

Check out the nighttime footage of the lava flows included in this longer aerial video from Icelandic drone pilot Bjorn Steinbekk.

Although not quite as captivating as the drone video, travel buffs and nature lovers can check out a live webcam for the latest footage of the volcano here. Steinbekk also posts stunning aerial views of Iceland’s natural wonders and snow-covered cities on his Instagram page.