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With the advent of UAVs, golf courses can showcase their facilities with breathtaking aerial video to attract prospective members and book more events.

Imagine soaring over a world class golf course from a golf ball’s perspective. You see the treetops, the bunkers, and the slope of the green. You get an amazing view of the entire course, and you can see your target clearly as you speed through the air over the lush landscape. Until recently, only birds and butterflies could enjoy such an experience, but with the advent of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), golf resorts can showcase captivating views of their facilities with breathtaking aerial video.

Why use low-altitude aerial footage?
UAVs are uniquely able to record high definition images from a bird’s eye view without the cost or hassle of helicopters. This type of aircraft can travel into tight locations, drop low to the ground, and rotate 360 degrees, allowing for a breathtaking image of the landscape. These aerial drones can capture a complete picture of a golf course, housing development, agricultural landscape, college campus and potential building site.

Specifically with country club shots, viewers are able to understand the layout, flow, and distinctive qualities of the course. Almost any course can be made to look like Augusta with the use of aerial footage. And with the video fly-over tour, viewers can determine whether the venue is well-suited for a fundraiser, wedding, office social, birthday, or graduation event.

Marketing with aerial video
The footage can also be used in mobile applications, commercials, and promotional videos shared through social media. For example, a mobile application can take the user on a hole-by-hole tour of the course, stopping to point out bunkers, water elements, trees, and slopes of the greens. As users make a virtual visit to each of the 18 holes, the app can also provide tips on which club to select and pointers about avoiding the rough.

In addition, the aerial footage is well-suited to specific promotional videos targeting event planners. For example, the UAV videographer could focus on shots showcasing the ideal scene for an outdoor ceremony. Potential customer can visualize their special day at the location with a better understanding of space and atmosphere.

Similarly, still photographs taken from the aerial video can be used for pamphlets, slide-shows, and brochures highlighting specific venues of the club. Overall, low-altitude aerial footage will bring a fresh perspective to any landscape and convey the full beauty of the area to viewers.

Global Video HQ specializes in high definition aerial photography and videography and can create stunning fly-over segments of your country club or golf course that are ideal for online marketing and social media campaigns. To request a free quote, please call 855-55-VIDEO or contact us online.

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