Selling a farm or ranch can be tricky, especially when trying to attract buyers from out of the area who may not be inclined to visit the property unless they feel confident that it’s a right fit. Using aerial video for a farm or ranch listing can add an exciting new element to the sales process, giving prospective buyers a more comprehensive look at larger properties.

Click the gear icon and set to 1080HD!

Aerial video filmed using a drone can showcase both the size of the acreage, as well as neighboring properties and panoramic views. In addition, the drone can capture shots at lower altitudes to highlight special features, such as orchards, trails, or noteworthy changes in elevation.

The video above was filmed for Debbie Wold Real Estate and showcases a 75-acre ranch in Canton, Texas, about 90 minutes east of Dallas. On a perfect sunny spring afternoon, we were able to capture stunning views of the full property, from the gated entrance off the county road to the back end that borders a lush green cattle pasture. The aerial video also highlights numerous key features of the ranch property, such as the fully stocked fishing pond and a spring-fed creek running through tree groves with muscadine grape vines.

A Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Using aerial video for ranch and farm listings can be more affordable than capturing aerial photography and video by helicopter, and allows for much more flexibility and creativity in the types of shots you can get. To learn more about drone videography to sell ranch land, give us a call at (972) 318-2811 or contact us online.

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