Aerial Video for Mass Transit

Aerial videography can be a useful and cost-effective tool for the mass transit industry, both for planning purposes as well as marketing and promotions. The video below was captured with a drone carrying a 4K camera on a 3-axis gimbal and illustrates the convenience of taking the DART rail to events in and around the Dallas Metroplex. The DART Green Line runs from Frankford Road in Carrollton to Buckner Station in Dallas. The video features the Downtown Carrollton station, which has ample parking for outbound travelers, as well as easy pedestrian access to the shops in Old Downtown Carrollton for those riding in from Dallas or as far north as Denton, via the connection to the DCTA at Trinity Mills Station. To learn more about using aerial video for mass transit projects or request a free quote, call us at (972) 318-2811 or contact us online.