Aerial Video Production Dallas

Our Dallas-based company offers cinema-quality aerial video and photography production at a fraction of the cost of traditional overhead shoots. Using state-of-the-art radio controlled UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), we deliver high resolution productions for real estate, construction, inspections, event coverage, marketing campaigns, and more. Call 972-318-2811 or toll free at 855-55-VIDEO for a pricing quote on your next project!

Our videography and photography experts can record unique perspectives and angles that were never before possible, all filmed in breathtaking high definition. Whether you want to capture the memories at a seaside wedding, give prospective buyers a 360-degree tour of a luxury home, survey a sprawling construction project, or inspect a 100-foot high water tower, we can get every angle in crystal clear HD. You can even watch the action in real-time via downlink of the live feed to a ground-level monitor while it’s being recorded.

Dallas’ GlobalVideoHQ is your one stop shop for flexible, cost-effective video production. Call 855-55-VIDEO or 972-318-2811 for a free pricing quote on your next project!

Airborne marketing can be extremely useful for a broad range of business and personal projects:

Real estate agents and brokers retain us to produce stunning fly-overs of high-end properties. Offer your prospects a unique perspective that only drone-mounted HD cameras can provide. Open buyers’ eyes to new vistas, showing layout, landscaping, sun angles, proximity to recreation, parks, shopping and amenities.

Contractors use our services for project management, inspection, grading and topographical analysis. Whether capturing construction of residential custom homes or an industrial campus, our production services create new opportunities for cost containment and marketing.

Home and commercial inspectors find roof shots extremely beneficial to determine whether costly or risky in-person inspection is necessary.

Developers of residential real estate communities love the marketing impact of our high-quality production. Let your sales reps wow prospects with a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood, including amenities, like a community pool, fitness center, and playground.

Event planners can benefit from low-altitude coverage to monitor parking and attendance at concerts and festivals, capture breathtaking footage from a variety of angles to use in marketing and promotions, or attract sponsors for future happenings. Check out the project we created for the 2014 Little Elm July Jubilee!

Political candidates and non-profits use top-down coverage of rallies and event to provide footage to local media outlets and for producing television commercials supporting their campaigns.

Even More Uses for Aerial Video

Local sports teams, grand openings at department stores, beach-side events and outdoor weddings all can be filmed in high definition to produce stunning segments. Have a corporate retreat planned? A special occasion like a college graduation, 25th anniversary, or other event happening under the blue sky? Our unobtrusive drone-mounted cameras can preserve these memories forever.

GlobalVideoHQ offers all of this state-of-the-art production in Dallas, at a competitive price. Our UAV’s, expertly piloted by remote control by our trained professionals, can maneuver into areas that manned aircraft find difficult. Working with our team, you can create whatever angles and perspectives fit your needs.

Moreover, all of this is recorded in breathtaking, crystal-clear high definition. You can even watch the action in real time via a downlink of the live feed to a ground-level monitor while it’s being recorded. Our professionally piloted radio-controlled multirotors feature superior camera equipment using state of the art gyro stabilized gimbals and GPS technology to ensure beautifully smooth and stable footage.

Concerned about the safety of unmanned air-based filming? We operate within all applicable laws and FAA regulations, and our aircraft have safety features, which, coupled with our prudent and attentive pilots, ensure a uneventful session.

Aerial Video is Affordable and Convenient
Cameras mounted on manned aircraft carry a price tag that makes their usage out of reach for most. Our company offers the technology of today: smart, cost effective, and state-of-the-art. Using radio-controlled drones with high-definition cameras, aerial video has become both affordable and convenient for businesses of all sizes. Marry the technology with the power of our experienced production team, and you have an unbeatable combination for the success of your project.

GlobalVideoHQ is available for all your needs — large or small. We will consult with you, work with you to determine the scope and parameters of your project, and provide you a free, no obligation quote.

Call us toll-free at 855-55-VIDEO or locally at 972-318-2811 today.

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