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GlobalVideoHQ provides aerial video and aerial photography services to clients across a variety of industries located in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano and other parts of the Metroplex. In addition, we are the preeminent source for high-quality industrial, commercial and corporate video production services. Clients look to our experience and versatility to create compelling video content.

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GlobalVideoHQ has one of the most affordable chroma key studios in the Dallas area. Chroma key is a video production technique used to composite two images or video streams together based on their color hues.  This technique has been used extensively in a number of industries – you are likely familiar with it from the newscasting, motion picture and videogame industries. Chroma key technology removes the original background from a photo or video and replaces it with another. It is an essential video production technique and it is one that we are particularly experienced at using. In fact, professional athletes, celebrities, advertising agencies, and broadcast networks have used our chroma key facilities and have all been impressed by our professionalism, competence and the quality of our technology. Our Dallas video production facility is equipped with the latest technology.

Check out our demo reel above to get an idea of the extent of the Dallas video production services we provide. Having produced videos for clients in a number of different industries we can provide you with creative input that is informed by experience. And we can confidently assert that we will be able to resolve any challenge – be it technical or creative – that arises during the video production process. Our experience enables us produce whatever type of video you are looking to create. We can collaborate with you to bring your creative vision to life and create a video that fulfills your personal and your business objectives.  That’s what we’ve been doing for clients in the Dallas area for years now.

GlobalVideoHQ is distinct from other Dallas video production companies. We strive to understand our clients’ business objectives and unique needs. We believe that this is an integral and vital part of the video production process. For that reason, during the initial phase of any project, we consult with our clients extensively. This helps us understand what our clients want to accomplish and it helps use devise a memorable video that is aligned with our clients’ objectives.

GlobalVideoHQ is part of GWHQ Productions, LLC, a Dallas-based company that, in addition to providing video production services, also designs applications for mobile devices and website design services.  GlobalVideoHQ developed when we realized that an increasing number of our clients required video production services for their websites and web-based channels. We realized that video production services were a natural addition to our repertoire.

The Web division of GWHQ creates fresh-looking, highly effective websites, and also offers content marketing and local SEO services. Our in-house designers, content producers and developers know how to create a consumer-friendly site that gets top-rankings from search engines. Need video? Want more traffic? Desire custom graphics? We have the team that can make it happen for you.

To learn more about GWHQ Productions or request a quote, call us at 972-318-2811 or contact us online.